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Terms of Use


The use of the internet domains (hereafter the Web Site), are property of Comercial Dyser, and are subject to the following regulations:

Terms of Use:

The main function of the Web Site of Comercial Dyser is inform its users. This information may be developed, modified, changed or deleted at any time by Comercial Dyser.

Any type of relationship that one wishes to create between the user and Comercial Dyser, should be made by filling the the form in the contact page or writing and sent to the following address:

Comercial Dyser - C/ Gran Bretaña, 6 Pol. Industrial Les Comes - 08700 Igualada (BCN) - Spain

Intellectual Property Rights:

All rights of Intellectual Property are reserved for the elements that make up the graphic design of its web page, navigation buttons, HTML code, PHP code, text, images and any other content of the web site.

Limitation of Liability:

All website users do so at their own risk. Comercial Dyser shall not be liable under any circumstances for errors in the contents that may be accessed through it, as well as for damages caused by the existence of a virus or other elements on the web page that may cause alterations to the information system (hardware and software) and to the user's documents or files.

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